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Woody Biomass Storage vs. Kontiki Biochar

Statistician George Box famously stated “All models are wrong but some are useful.”  I present here a simplified (read, “wrong”) model intended to contextualize the usefulness of Woody Biomass Storage (WBS).  I hope scientists and researchers will come along and make similar models that are equally “useful” but less “wrong”. Additionally, my mentors at Airminers […]

You’re thinking About Durability Wrong

The thought process around durability should be about keeping as much greenhouse gas (ghg) out of the air as long as possible.  This should be considered holistically, and should include any scope 1/2/3 emissions in the production and maintenance process. Currently under most CDR methodologies, durability is thought of as the durability of the “Net […]

The Time Value of Emissions Should Be a Thing

We should agree that a unit of carbon emissions today is worse than the same unit of carbon emissions in the future, especially the distant future. This is true for several reasons: So, from a variety of perspectives, it’s better to emit in the future than to emit today.  If you had to choose between […]