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Woody Biomass Storage vs. Kontiki Biochar

Statistician George Box famously stated “All models are wrong but some are useful.”  I present here a simplified (read, “wrong”) model intended to contextualize the usefulness of Woody Biomass Storage (WBS).  I hope scientists and researchers will come along and make similar models that are equally “useful” but less “wrong”. Additionally, my mentors at Airminers […]

The Time Value of Emissions Should Be a Thing

We should agree that a unit of carbon emissions today is worse than the same unit of carbon emissions in the future, especially the distant future. This is true for several reasons: So, from a variety of perspectives, it’s better to emit in the future than to emit today.  If you had to choose between […]

We should all fight our prejudices

At Climate Week San Francisco last week my colleagues met lots of people interested in fighting rapid climate change through Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).  The interested parties included CDR investors, CDR buyers, CDR-supporting governments, CDR pundits, CDR scientists and members of the general public.  They all want to do good for the planet, but are […]

The Green Grass Growing All Around

This may not look like much, but it is a piece of evidence supporting the viability of Woody Biomass Storage (WBS). Last September we completed a ~100 tonne WBS project in Southern Colorado.  We engineered, permitted, communicated, excavated, buried, measured, reported, and verified.  We’re currently in the process of monetizing. We also Revegetated.  In October […]

MRV in Woody Biomass Storage

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Acronyms!  I’m absolutely sick of acronyms!  Every time I turn around there is another acronym. GWP?  TRL?  TEA?  LCA?  CBP?  WBS?  TSB?  The list goes on.  Over time they become more familiar, but, we should all remember:  Knowing a Three Letter Acronym (TLA) when another person does not, is not a badge of honor.  It […]

BiCRS is Like a Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes

BiCRS (pronounced “Bikers”) is a new acronym, summarising “Biomass with Carbon Removal and Storage”.   Woody Biomass Storage (“WBS”) is the acronym I’ve been using the last few months, which in turn had replaced Woody Biomass Burial (“WBB”).  These seem to be progressively broad definitions, and there is some reason for being flexible.  On the […]

Is Woody Biomass Burial a Disruptive Innovation?

The Let’s Own This! Foundation helps individuals, families, households and friends reduce their carbon footprint over time. Wood Cache PBC buries wastewood at scale in order to keep millions of tons of carbon dioxide out of the environment. Many years ago in business school I had the distinct privilege of participating in Clayton Christensen’s inaugural […]