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Woody Biomass Storage vs. Kontiki Biochar

Statistician George Box famously stated “All models are wrong but some are useful.”  I present here a simplified (read, “wrong”) model intended to contextualize the usefulness of Woody Biomass Storage (WBS).  I hope scientists and researchers will come along and make similar models that are equally “useful” but less “wrong”. Additionally, my mentors at Airminers […]

The Time Value of Emissions Should Be a Thing

We should agree that a unit of carbon emissions today is worse than the same unit of carbon emissions in the future, especially the distant future. This is true for several reasons: So, from a variety of perspectives, it’s better to emit in the future than to emit today.  If you had to choose between […]

Keep CDR Quality High

Hello Woodcachers, it is great to get on this blog and meet you. My name is Whit Childs, and I am the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at this bootstrappin’, carbon dioxide removin’, waste-wood buryin’ outfit.  I’m stepping up on my soapbox to speak on carbon neutrality and why this well-intentioned but ill-fitting label may hinder […]

MRV in Woody Biomass Storage

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Acronyms!  I’m absolutely sick of acronyms!  Every time I turn around there is another acronym. GWP?  TRL?  TEA?  LCA?  CBP?  WBS?  TSB?  The list goes on.  Over time they become more familiar, but, we should all remember:  Knowing a Three Letter Acronym (TLA) when another person does not, is not a badge of honor.  It […]