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You’re thinking About Durability Wrong

The thought process around durability should be about keeping as much greenhouse gas (ghg) out of the air as long as possible.  This should be considered holistically, and should include any scope 1/2/3 emissions in the production and maintenance process. Currently under most CDR methodologies, durability is thought of as the durability of the “Net […]

Global Warming Potential is more important than you think

Hmmm…   Global Warming Potential (GWP).  Time Value of Money (TVM).  Whaddya talking about?  This is torture.  All these acronyms involve math!  We hates ‘em! These two concepts are really important though, and if you have any interest in fighting climate change, you’ll want to understand them both, or at least the general idea.  One […]

Gettin’ Traction

Every leader, founder, entrepreneur, and CEO knows how important it is to raise money. In importance, it sits just behind building a solid team and building a broad set of partners and stakeholders. Our first financial “raise” (beyond a supportive set of friends and family) was modest and took place around the beginning of 2024. […]