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Q3 2023 Report to Stakeholders


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Wow, what a summer!

We completed our first trial project in Southern Colorado, burying 75 tonnes of wood and
sequestering 110 tonnes of CO2. Our goal was to execute and understand every step of the
process including the development of a long-term management and monitoring system. We are
ready to bring these tonnes of CO2 to market in the form of carbon credits, for sale to
companies and individuals on the voluntary carbon market.

We expanded our footprint to several states in the Intermountain West including Utah, Colorado,
Arizona and Idaho. Our objective has been to build teams in multiple regulatory and permitting
environments, establish credibility and relationships in numerous communities, and plant a lot of
seed to enable a future of organic growth.

We organized five shovel-ready, production-scale projects in four states, ready for
operation in early 2024. “Shovel-ready and production-scale” means sited, planned,
engineered, and permitted projects that deliver at least 10,000 tonnes of sequestered
greenhouse gases per year for at least 5 years.

We built a team of highly capable, diverse, mission-driven professionals who like each other
and are ready for the long and exciting journey ahead!

We are helping build an industry that MUST succeed if we are to keep our earth livable. We
hope to continue cooperating with governments, regulators, investors, carbon credit buyers,
fellow producers, market makers, scientists, and people of goodwill everywhere.

We all need to give a little more energy, a little more attention, a little more money, a little more
time, a little more patience, and a little more commitment to rescue the earth from the strain we
and our ancestors have imposed on it.

There’s no sense embarking on such a hard journey alone. If you find yourself energized by our mission, inspired by our progress, and interested in whatever comes next, don’t feel like all you can do is follow along.

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