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Hello stakeholders! For it is true that, whether you believe it or not, you all are stakeholders in our work at Let’s Own This! Foundation, and at Wood Cache PBC. But just for clarity, could you let me know whether you are “in”? I need to know how many dinner places to set at the next stakeholder meeting.

I say you are all stakeholders, because the future of our earth is in your hands, and my hands, and all of our hands collectively. Things that I do, and things that you do affect how hospitable this planet will be for our continued existence here. I kind of like it here, and I’ll bet you do too, so I think we all want to work on this together, yeah?

Quick updates: We brought our Woody Biomass Burial monitoring system in southern Colorado back up, after being offline for a week. You can find it at http://gtc-ai.com:9012/. We’re working on a more awesome, more flexible UI, but mind you, this is the kind of data we will get out of all the production wood caches around the world over the coming decade. Imagine the possibilities!

Ray did some remarkable video documentation, describing the process of setting up pits in Southern Colorado at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXGPjx5EeW1RzSe15taayXA. You can learn about the monitoring systems Jesse built and what we are trying to accomplish with this experiment. Ultimately we’re trying to figure out how the prevalent conditions in various locations can be manipulated to reduce the decomposition rate of buried wood.

https://woodcache.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/donation-box-with-clothes-woman-preparing-clothing-for-donation.jpg also posted some pretty good explanation on Tiktok, at https://www.tiktok.com/@investvegan.org/video/7165577084914421034?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1. I personally am too old to spend too much time on TikTok in general, but this was really well done and I had to make an exception.

What next? Over the next couple of months we hope to:

  • Complete approvals with the State of Colorado
  • Dig a test pit, get audited, and fill the pit with about 300 tonnes of wood
  • Complete registration on the Puro.earth registry
  • Sell about 450 certificates for credit on the CO2 voluntary markets
  • Contribute most of the proceeds to “Newco”, an industry-organized company that will provide long-term trust management and monitoring services to the Woody Biomass Burial (WBB) industry.

At the end of all that, we will have tested and executed every aspect of Woody Biomass Burial operations. We will be ready to scale to hundreds of thousands, the millions, and then billions of tons of CO2 sequestered. Stakeholders unite! We can do it together!

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