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With the world heating up all around us, it seems there is very little you or I can do about it.  This is FRUSTRATING!  

And when it comes to taking Carbon Dioxide out of the air, there’s an additional layer of frustration: you and I can barely comprehend all the terms and science being thrown around.

It all reinforces our sense of helplessness.

Woody Biomass Burial has the potential to be different. The scientific concepts are visual and accessible to any high school biology or chemistry students.  

Consider the following:

  • When alive, trees use photosynthesis to pull carbon out of the air and store it in their trunks and limbs.
  • When trees die they usually decompose or they burn, returning all that hard-earned carbon to the air. 
  • Burying that biomass keeps the carbon in a tree’s limbs and trunks at least four or five times what it otherwise would if it were to decompose or burn.

Alright, alright. How about this one:

  • Humans have systematically removed a form of carbon called coal from the earth for about two hundred years.  Some of those coal mines even remain open.
  • At some point in the ancient past, all that coal in the ground was wood or other kinds of biomass.  Natural processes turned the wood into coal.
  • Woody Biomass Burial is the first step in the process of creating coal a million years from now.  There is poetic justice in putting back what we have taken out of the earth.

I’m getting rolling here, how about this:

  •  Woody Biomass Burial combines a set of processes we are all familiar with and that we have all done:  we cut, we gather, we move, we dig, we bury.
  • A goal we have at Woodcache PBC is to figure out how to safely and conveniently involve regular people in our processes.  
  • Their participation will allow them to EARN carbon credits instead of buying credits produced by others.  
  • Without paying cash, individuals may someday be able to be net zero.

How about that!

People of the World, Unite!

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