Woodcache PBC

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you operate?

We currently work in the “Four Corners” of the United States:  Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.  We hope to steadily expand, so let us know here if you would like us to operate somewhere near you!

Does it burn more carbon to execute Woody Biomass Storage (WBS) than there is stored?

Not if you do it right.  We actually believe the WBS ‘carbon margin’ is greater than most other Carbon Dioxide Removal methods.  These will be getting even better as de-carbonized transport expands, and as storage methods improve.  At the current moment we estimate greater than 80% carbon margin with WBS.

Do other companies do Woody Biomass Storage?

Yes, several in the United States and some in other countries.  At the moment we are all focused on maximizing the amount of carbon going into the ground.

Are you hiring?

Yes!  The primary job qualification is to believe we can individually and collectively make a climate difference.  The secondary qualification is willingness to play a variety of roles as we build out our company.  Contact Us if you want to join us.

I've never heard of this. Is this legit?

Yes, the best information is from a paper by Ning Zeng.  Check it out [Link to the paper]

I want to give you all my money. How can I do so?

Well hold on there partner!  We certainly are seeking debt, equity, and grant-making investors, and even moreso where such investment will open strategic doors.  We’d love to hear about it.

I control forested land with a lot of dead wood on it, or requires thinning to reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfire. Can you help me?

I would like to buy some Carbon Credits that you produce. How can I do so?

You can either buy them on the puro.earth exchange, or you could enter into a direct off-take agreement with us.

What kinds of sustainable equipment do you use?

Our goal is to shift as rapidly as possible towards electrified equipment.  Certain equipment, like chainsaws, are already available.  Others, like electrified semi trucks, will be available soon.  our goal is to be on the forefront of greener equipment and greener energy as it becomes available, and to incorporate greener practices into our operations.


There’s a lot to talk about! Let us know how you would like to work together.