Walsenburg Pilot Project

The Details

Completion Date:  September 2023

Quantities:  76.8 tonnes buried, 124.6 tonnes removed

List Price:  $150 per tonne

Source Material:  Pinon and Cedar wastewood from the property

Methodology/Registration:  Puro.earth, TSB methodology

MRV:  Second Generation precision/remote hybrid

Land:  Environmental covenant filed, long-term easement in place

Permitting:  State of Colorado, Huerfano County, Land Owner’s Association

Auditing:  DNV.com

Management Funds in Trust:  $100,000

Co-benefits:  Wildfire mitigation, local job creation, improved air quality, improved forest and watershed health

Key Woodcache Personnel

Picture of Jesse Williams, PhD
Jesse Williams, PhD

Data and Systems Lead

Picture of Ray Bongiovanni
Ray Bongiovanni

COO, Colorado Lead

Picture of Serge Bushman
Serge Bushman


Picture of Florentino de la Cruz, PhD
Florentino de la Cruz, PhD

Science Lead


Our Walsenburg Pilot project is located within the River Ridge Ranch subdivision in rural Huerfano County, Colorado.

  • In September 2022 we conducted a “Generation 1” test. We dug ten small pits containing various types of woodstock, test our MRV sensor suite and test decomposition rates.
  • Over the winter we conducted design engineering, obtained permits from the State and the County, and got the blessing of the Land Owner’s Association.
  • In the Spring and Summer we contracted with local businesses to cut away and gather wastewood, transport wastewood, and excavate and bury wastewood.
  • After cutting dead trees into manageable portions, logs were separated by species, weighed, and staged for later burial. 
  • In Summer 2023 we deployed our “Generation 2” MRV system which consists of “Ongoing Remote Monitoring” (ORM) and “Regular Precision Monitoring” (RPM) components.  
  • In September 2023 we conducted a “Generation 2” Pilot, burying 90 metric tons of wood under an “evapo-transpirative” cover designed to allow moisture out and limit oxygen from coming in. 
  • Solar powered sensors and security cameras are present at the site to provide continuous oversight. 
  • During operations, our team was delighted to host observers from the State of Colorado, US and State Forest Service, other project developers, and the River Ridge Ranch community.